Palma de Mallorca, Spain
City population: 405584
Duration: in planning stage – unknown
Implementation status: Completed and archived or cancelled
Scale: Sub-microscale: Street scale (including buildings)
Project area: 15 m2
Type of area: Other
Last updated: November 2021

Green roofs were created on vehicles in the Spanish cities of Barcelona, Girona, Córdoba, Valencia. This initiative is based on the project of Marc Grañén, who developed PhytoKinetic a project for the development of moving gardens. (ref 1) The city of Palma de Mallorca was also considering its introduction as a measure of sustainability. (ref 1) The intervention, however, remained in the pilot stage (ref 1 and 4).

PhytoKinetic Green Roof on A Bus
Marc Grañén (Creator and Director of PhytoKinetic), retrieved 08/29/2018


Nature-based solution

  • Nature on buildings
  • Green roofs
  • Grey infrastructure featuring greens
  • Other

Key challenges

  • Climate action for adaptation, resilience and mitigation (SDG 13)
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Green space, habitats and biodiversity (SDG 15)
  • Green space creation and/or management
  • Environmental quality
  • Air quality improvement
  • Regeneration, land-use and urban development
  • Promotion of naturalistic urban landscape design
  • Health and well-being (SDG 3)
  • Improving physical health


Creation of new green areas

Project objectives

-Increase green space in cities. - Innovate ways for green development in cities. (ref 1) - Reduction of CO2 emissions (ref 1) - Biodiversity increase in buses (ref 6). - Energy efficiency improvement (ref 6). - Aesthetic improvement (Ref 6). - Improve people’s quality of life. (ref 2)

Implementation activities

- Studies and calculations for appropriate weight of the deck to be installed on the roof. (water-proof with a thickness of 1.5mm) (Ref 2). - Installation of stainless steel perforated grill along the perimeter of the bus - To support rooting, the organic substrate was replaced by multifunctional Urbanscape cultivation substrates from Knauf Insulation. It is a very light substrate with insulation capacity since it has a Sedum blankets that are placed on top as a layer of main vegetation (Ref 2). - Plants are places according to particular designs. - A lightweight and sturdy mesh is tightly attached to the inner perimeter and net to ensure nothing moves from its place. In only a few weeks, this mesh will disappear beneath the vegetation, although it still functions as a more important safety mechanism. (ref 1) - Most of the garden surface is composed of tough sedum plants, which require very little water and can withstand hot and cold temperatures. (ref 4)

Climate-focused activities

Climate change mitigation:

  • Increase green urban nature for carbon storage (wetlands, tree cover)
  • Install vertical or horizontal artificial surfaces that help with carbon storage and cooling
  • Raise public awareness of behaviours, lifestyle and cultural changes with mitigation potential

Main beneficiaries

  • Local government/Municipality
  • Public sector institution (e.g. school or hospital)
  • Researchers/University


Management set-up

  • Co-governance with government and non-government actors

Type of initiating organisation

  • Local government/municipality
  • Researchers/university
  • Citizens or community group

Participatory approaches/ community involvement

  • Unknown

Details on the roles of the organisations involved in the project

The intervention was carried out with the support of the municipality and the public transport system through the collaboration of Marc Grañén with public projects for the instalaltion of the green roofs on buses. (ref 3)

Project implemented in response to ...

... an EU policy or strategy? Unknown
... a national policy or strategy? Unknown
... a local policy or strategy? Unknown


Total cost


Source(s) of funding

  • Public regional budget
  • Unknown

Type of funding

  • Unknown

Non-financial contribution


Impacts and Monitoring

Environmental impacts

  • Climate, energy and emissions
  • Enhanced carbon sequestration
  • Environmental quality
  • Improved air quality
  • Green space and habitat
  • Increased green space area
  • Enhanced support of pollination
  • Other

Economic impacts

  • Reduce financial cost for urban management
  • Other

Socio-cultural impacts

  • Unknown

Type of reported impacts

Expected impacts

Presence of formal monitoring system


Presence of indicators used in reporting

No evidence in public records

Presence of monitoring/ evaluation reports

No evidence in public records

Availability of a web-based monitoring tool

No evidence in public records


PhytoKinetic Green Roof on A Van
Marc Grañén (Creator and Director of PhytoKinetic), retrieved 08/29/2018