Location: Göteborg, Sweden
City population: 526212

Project duration: 2015 – 2015
Scale of the project: Sub-microscale: Street scale (including buildings)
Area of the NBS: 60 m2
Type of area before: Building

Green facade Vasakronan

Sweden's largest real estate company, Vasakronan, tests its first green outdoor facade at Kyrkogatan in Göteborg. The project was implemented with aim of improving the local climate and contributing to a more sustainable and resilient city. (Ref. 1)

More information

Nature-based solution

  • External building greens
  • Green walls or facades

Key challenges

  • Green space, habitats and biodiversity (SDG 15)
  • Green space creation and/or management
  • Environmental quality, including air quality and waste management
  • Air quality improvement
  • Noise reduction
  • Regeneration, land-use and urban development
  • Regulate built environment
  • Promote naturalistic styles of landscape design for urban development
Creation of new green areas
Project objectives
The intervention aimed, 1. to create the company's first green building-outdoor green space, 2. invest into sustainability, 3. create an aesthetically pleasing view for the users and visitors and 4. to strengthen urban ecosystem. (Ref. 1, 2)
Implementation activities
Created 60 square meters vertical, urban greenery on a building on the Kyrkogatan in Göteborg. (Ref. 1)
Main beneficiaries
  • Local government/Municipality
  • Private sector/Corporate/Company
  • Other

Management set-up

  • Led by non-government actors

Type of initiating organisation

  • Private sector / Corporate / Company

Participatory approaches/ community involvement

  • Unknown
Details on the roles of the organisations involved in the project
The real estate company 'Vasakronan'. (Ref. 1)
Project implemented in response to ...
... an EU policy or strategy? No
... a national policy or strategy? Unknown (It is mentioned in the company's sustainability report that, as Sweden's largest property owner, Vasakronan has a major responsibility to work for sustainable development and reduced climate impact. (Ref. 3))
... a local policy or strategy? No
Total cost

Source(s) of funding

  • Corporate investment

Type of funding

  • Direct funding or subsidies

Non-financial contribution


Environmental impacts

  • Environmental quality
  • Improved air quality
  • Reduced noise exposure
  • Water management and blue areas
  • Improved water quality
  • Improved stormwater management
  • Green space and habitat
  • Reduction of biodiversity loss
  • Increased number of species present
  • Enhanced support of pollination

Economic impacts

  • Unknown

Socio-cultural impacts

  • Social justice and cohesion
  • Improvement of liveability
  • Other
Type of reported impacts
Achieved impacts

Presence of formal monitoring system

No evidence in public records

Presence of indicators used in reporting

No evidence in public records

Presence of monitoring/ evaluation reports

No evidence in public records

Availability of a web-based monitoring tool

No evidence in public records
Green facade Vasakronan
Photograph provided on the 03/12/2018